Friday 14 June 2013

Got me some The Last of Us!

Just got back home from collecting these..

The Asia Collector's Edition and the Steelbook Edition of The Last of Us. Sadly, the Collector's Edition isn't mine. I'm helping someone get this. I'm a modest guy so I just pre-ordered the Steelbook Edition.

Some pics of the Collector's Edition..

The front..
The back with contents..
The side.
Other Side..
If I were a sealed collector, I would be quite disappointed with this. The full-sized artbook is literally attached to the side of the Collector's Edition. The difference between the Post Pandemic Edition (US Version) and the Asian Collector's Edition is the art-book. US version gets the mini-artbook and Asia gets the full-sized artbook. I'm guessing the full-sized artbook doesn't fit inside so they just attached it to the side. Come on man, make a bigger box!

Rather silly eh.. But of course if you are going to open them all up.. Who the fuck cares?!!

Of course, this isn't mine so you won't be getting to see pics of the contents inside.. I got some pics of the contents during the preview event so you can check them out here..

Anyway, here's a pic of my modest purchase..
Was actually thinking of holding on getting this but all the fantastic reviews and of course my own trial of the game during the preview event changed my mind. No way, I was going to miss out on all the excitement, with what could potentially be a Game of the Year. The reviews have really brought up the hype of this game, with many sites giving it a perfect 10 score. Thus far, I have tried to stay away from written reviews to avoid minor spoilers as much as possible. I don't want to know what I should be expecting from the game.

Multiplayer has also been a blur to me. Only saw 1 article talking about the online multiplayer and I ignored it  completely. Will be going into this game with little knowledge of what to expect to keep the game exciting. Can't wait to play later tonight!