Monday 1 July 2013

My favourite games from E3 2013!

E3 2013 has come and gone.. so what are the games that I'm looking forward to?

Unsurprisingly, the big ones like Assassin's Creed IV, Watch Dogs and Infamous: Second Son are my favourites.

The Assassin's Creed series keeps getting bigger each year and Assassin's Creed IV seems to be following the trend. With Naval Battles a much bigger focus this time, I'm definitely looking forward to it.. And who doesn't like Pirates? Ubisoft is clever enough to know that if they don't bring in new themes into the Assassin-Templar setting, the series will start to suffer. Glad that they chose a Pirate theme for this one..

Watch Dogs looks cool, I did see this at E3 2012 and was impressed by the trailer back then but wasn't sure about the game. It sort of looks like a modern-day Assassin's Creed game (They are both from Ubisoft afterall), but it does looks fun. If the actual game lives up to the "hack-anything" hype, this could be one hell-of-a-game.

This is my first-look at Infamous: Second Son as I have been avoiding it till now. I haven't played Infamous 2 yet so didn't want to spoil it for me, but I just couldn't resist it in the end. Really impressed by the graphics and game-play from the E3 demos. The game looks more fun than the previous games but the protagonist doesn't seem that likeable at the moment. We will see about that soon enough. Need to get on Infamous 2 in the meantime..

These are the 3 games that I'm definitely getting on release day but there might be more depending..

PayDay 2 looks real fun. I haven't played the first as I can't get enough friends to play together. Would really like to play that before getting onto the 2nd game. Bank Heists, Guys in Joker Masks.. what's there not to like? I have always had a thing for Joker/Jester/Evil Clown stuff and I have even hunted down the the PayDay 1 and 2 promo items, they should be posted out from the U.S very soon. Anyone wanna play the first with me?

Thief has gone in and out of my "Interest Radar" over the past few weeks. The setting and theme of the game looks really cool but gameplay hasn't gotten me really excited. Will have to see more before I can decide...

Batman Arkham Origins continues, what is a great series of Batman games. Wish more comic-based games are up to this standard. More bad guys, more Batman, more action and of course more Joker! What else can I ask for?

The Crew is another game from one of my favourite publishers, Ubisoft, so this had me interested. It's sort of a co-op racing game and it does look cool and the concept looks real fun. Somehow, I don't seem to have the time for racing games. Got Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit last year but never got around to playing it much. Will be tracking this one for the moment. 

Another game from Ubisoft, The Division looks visually stunning. While watching the trailer for the first time, I thought.. here we go, yet another Zombie game but they surprised me with the whole disease/infection thing. This whole "disease" epidemic is so real in life that it does freak me out. Forget wars, floods, meteors, aliens... a widespread epidemic could wipe out the human population. In the Last of Us, the game shows us how infection can change the entire world. 

The trailer also talks about how infection can pass through dollar notes.. and it was a nice touch of dropping "infected" notes onto the show floor to exchange for memorabilia. The Division was probably E3 2013's best game. A really cool game and if it plays half as good as it looks, I'll be in for this.

Among all the games that were revealed at E3 itself, the game that excited me most was Killer Instinct. This fighting game might be unknown to many but this was pretty famous many years back. I have never played nor heard of this but it looks really cool. In the demo, the developers talked about how they will have training features in the game to help beginners pick up the different moves. That would really help someone like me who just suck at fighting games. Really disappointed to know that this will be a X-Box exclusive. Would have been a must-buy for me.

Of course, there was no GTA V on show at E3. Rockstar has a habit of not attending E3 so wasn't expecting to see that or else this whole post would be about GTA V!

I was also very disappointed about no news of a new Prince of Persia game. Realistically speaking, I wasn't expecting any news from this franchise, but I was secretly hoping that it would be one of the games to be revealed at E3. Sadly nothing... but..... Just 2 days ago, the official Prince of Persia Facebook page posted this.. "Get ready for some news about Prince of Persia, starting next week...". I wonder what the news is..

Anyway, this has been a very exciting E3 with all the next-gen updates and cool games. I'm definitely looking forward to many of these games mentioned above. What about you guys? What games are you most interested in from this year's E3?