Monday 29 July 2013

New Features to the Blog?

So... it's been over a year since I started up this blog...

I was thinking of adding some new features to the blog. Quite a few ideas, but not sure if they are necessary or if they will work. So I need some feedback from you guys. 

One of the features I'm thinking of adding is a Facebook Page. Just a page to share the blog posts and a page that readers can follow for updates. Some of you may not like the idea of checking the blog every now and then to see if there's anything new. Currently, I am sharing all posts from my own Facebook account, but you will have to add me as a friend to receive the updates. Might be a little too intrusive for you. 

By "liking" this new Facebook page, you can receive updates like any other pages that you may have liked. I also have heard from some adding comments to the blog is a bit of hassle so maybe commenting on a Facebook page might be easier? What do you guys think? Not necessary? Good idea? Any other suggestions? Do let me know!

Another feature that only came to my mind recently will concern local Singaporean gamers. I was considering doing up a "portal" where it lists all the different stores having Collectors' Editions. For example, a list of stores that have the GTA Collector's Edition, Limited Edition etc.. The pre-order price for each store and any bonuses that they are giving out. So you can compare prices or more importantly know which store has the particular CE that you are looking out for.

Of course, this will be impossible to do it all alone so I'll need plenty of help from fellow readers and as it becomes more popular, maybe even retailers can submit their info into this "database". Just a random thought but I thought it might be useful. Anyone out there willing to help out if I actually do it?

Hmm.. so what else would you like to see here? Recently added the Instagram feature, not too bad I guess. Throw me some suggestions and if it's feasible, I might consider it! Chiku Chiku Enjoy!