Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A GTA VCS Napkin!

Traded one of my GTA San Andreas Match boxes for this little napkin..

This one was a promo for the Vice City Stories game. I was under the impression that the napkin was for the Vice City game prior to getting this. Is there a different one? If someone out there has any info, please let me know in the comments. 

Anyway, very glad to see the napkin packed very nicely in a plastic sheet. As much as it is a napkin, this one isn't going to wipe anything.. Thanks Mosavon for this!


  1. That's cool. I, too, collect Rockstar merchandise and it's so hard to find some things because you don't know if they were thrown away or used up by people.

    1. That's very true. A lot of their merch are given away as promos so not many appreciate their value. In a way, it's good for us collectors.. You can get the odd cheap deal every once in a while! :D

    2. Looks like you need to update your Rockstar merchandise because you've gotten some more things to add to it.

    3. Lol! Because I checked out your display setup in your photo album and there are things from your blog that isn't part of the display, silly.

      I have psychic powers ooooooh, jk.

    4. Haha nice! Yea I don't have space to display them so I can't take an updated photo at the moment. So it's mostly group shots of items I receive around the same time.

      When I get my place sometime next year, hopefully I can get a proper display to lay them all out for a pic. Would be awesome!