Saturday, 6 July 2013

Shit happens.. to me..

This happened the other day..

I was watching an auction.. started off at $0.99 with a Buy It Now price.. Didn't want to BIN so I bid early. However, I got outbid with a few hours left.. No worries, I'll snipe it manually later I thought.. 

So with 20 mins left to the auction, I got ready to snipe. It was about 1.40am. Auction ends at about 2.00am. I was sitting on the bed..

1.45am: Ok man, I'm ready..
1.50am: Alright this is it, this auction is mine!
1.52am: Here it goes.. this thing is going down!
2.25am: Oh crap! I dozed off!!!!!! 

To make matters worse, nobody else bid on that auction and it went for a super low price at $3+. Really crappy man. Been looking for those for quite a while and at that price, I really felt like kicking myself.

What a whole load of Bull Crap Shit!


  1. Take it easy bro, sometimes when things are more difficult to get, we will tend to treasure it more. Good luck hunting, haha.