Saturday, 6 July 2013

Shit happens.. to me..

This happened the other day..

I was watching an auction.. started off at $0.99 with a Buy It Now price.. Didn't want to BIN so I bid early. However, I got outbid with a few hours left.. No worries, I'll snipe it manually later I thought.. 

So with 20 mins left to the auction, I got ready to snipe. It was about 1.40am. Auction ends at about 2.00am. I was sitting on the bed..

1.45am: Ok man, I'm ready..
1.50am: Alright this is it, this auction is mine!
1.52am: Here it goes.. this thing is going down!
2.25am: Oh crap! I dozed off!!!!!! 

To make matters worse, nobody else bid on that auction and it went for a super low price at $3+. Really crappy man. Been looking for those for quite a while and at that price, I really felt like kicking myself.

What a whole load of Bull Crap Shit!


  1. Take it easy bro, sometimes when things are more difficult to get, we will tend to treasure it more. Good luck hunting, haha.

    1. Thanks man! Very true on what you said!