Saturday 13 July 2013

Gameplay Trailer with Commentary for Assassin's Creed IV

A new trailer for AC IV: Black Flags is out, showcasing gameplay and commentary from the Game Director.

At the 1:18 mark, you see the first mate, Adewale, who is Edward Kenway's first mate, and also the playable character in the game's season pass DLC content. I'm not very sure if he's an Assassin as well but the DLC content will focus "even deeper into the real explosive events of the Golden Age of Pirates."

This will mean we are getting 3 different playable characters in AC IV, including the exclusive DLC for Playstation consoles where we play as Aveline.

The game looks good and despite what some say about the Pirate setting, I love it. The new themes and settings will be vital to keeping the Assassin's Creed games fresh and different. How long are we going to run through towns and cities? 

What do you guys think? Like the different setting that Ubisoft chose? Or do you think they are losing the essence that makes Assassin's Creed what it is?