Tuesday 9 July 2013

Just finished The Last of Us

Wow.. is all I have to say..

Ok..more than that actually, it's a really awesome game. The plot just sucks you in. The chemistry between Joel and Ellie was fantastic. Not sure if being a dad myself had to do with it, but the whole "father-daughter" thing was really emotional. The story was probably one of the best I have seen in a game. (Still think Red Dead Redemption is the best, though the open-world exploration could have dampened it for some people).

"Oh-so-wonderful" relationship they have...

It's hard to explain really.. you have to play this game for you to feel what I'm feeling after playing through the entire game. I'm not going to post spoilers so not to worry. The ending was very ideal, it leaves it open for a sequel but at the same time, can be a conclusion, leaving what happens next, open for discussion. I would definitely, not say no to another if Naughty Dog can give us a sequel which is just as good.

The survival horror mechanic was very nicely done. I played the game on normal difficulty. (It's probably noobish to you but I'm fine with that). The game does a very good job of making me feel "on-the-edge" at all times. Each time I encounter those infected or humans, I was nervous about completing that stage. I just had that "oh-crap" feeling in me every time I see the infected..

You do get better weapons as you progress through the game but at no point of the game, I thought that "I could do this". I would always rather sneak past them than try to take them on. Many games have that "Survive or get killed" tag but they give you an abundance of weapons, armor and health that would be enough to take out a horde of zombies. Of course, their game-play and idea may be different but I have to take my hats off to Naughty Dog for making it a true "survival horror" game... 

Those bloaters freak me out..

But... there is always a but.. I felt the checkpoints made it a little too easy. Die and you re-spawn just a minute or two before. There isn't much "punishment" for dying where you had to start all over again. A larger distance between checkpoints would have made it harder but at the same time, frustrating. Had to compromise between one or the other I guess, but could have balanced it out better.

Some really brutal and tense moments were added to keep memories about this game for a long time. That part in the burning restaurant was really intense..

I definitely would recommend this to everyone who loves a good story and a memorable game. Everyone who has a PS3 should try this some day. Glad I got this as I pre-ordered it just 2-3 days before it's release after much consideration. Definitely no regrets! I truly enjoyed this game and it's still in my mind even after starting on a new game. (More on the new game in another post soon..) The Last of Us will definitely be a contender for the Game of the Year but I just have to say.. Grand Theft Auto V isn't out yet..