Tuesday 18 February 2014

Marvel Heroes Diary: Feb 17 2014 - Celebrating Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day

There seems to be plenty of special occasions these past few weeks and Marvel Heroes have been actively celebrating them with special events in the game.

This time, it's Valentine's Day! And there are a whole load of new stuff added to the game. 

Similar to the previous events, we see 2 items that drop that you can sell/donate.

Cool stuff, they seem to drop slightly less for me, as compared to the previous items but the higher value makes up for it.

There is also a Daily Login gift which gives out these items, the usual Splinters and Shards as well as a themed artifact. 

Here is a pic I found off the internet. Credit to the uploader.

I have no luck finding this yet, though I did get lots of the Lunar New Year Artifacts. Guess I just don't have the luck during Valentine's Day.. (Wait.. that sounds familiar.. Story of my Life! Nah.. just kidding..)

Hoping to get at least one of these before they stop giving this out.

Speaking of which, the Lunar New Year Fireworks Artifact seems to be bugged after the new patch. It isn't giving out the +88 credits as started, that's a real pity. Discussion on forums claim that it may have been nerfed or even supposed not to work after the Lunar New Year. No official word on it yet.

Been a rather slow weekend on Marvel Heroes as I was completing all the leftover story missons on the 3 difficulty levels for all the extra Quest rewards. Colossus' spirit has been boosted quite a bit after all that. That would greatly help.

All missions completed and all Power Points re-distributed. Next Diary post will be about my Colossus Build. Do check it out!

Current goals:
Deadpool: Level 60 (Prestige Level 5)

Deadpool Legendary Item: Rank 5
Colossus Legendary Item: Rank 5
Earn 100 Odin Marks for First Blessing for Colossus

Current Progress
Deadpool: Level 36 (Prestige Level 2)
Gambit: Level 27
Colossus: Level 60
Emma Frost: Level 34

Deadpool Legendary Item: Rank 3
Colossus Legendary Item: Rank 3
Odin Marks: 82