Sunday 2 February 2014

Marvel Heroes Diary: Jan 31 2014 - Celebrating Lunar New Year!

Celebrating Lunar New Year!

Marvel Heroes celebrated the Lunar New Year with some themed stuff, similar to the celebration for Australia Day

For 2 weeks, there will be a daily reward in the form of a red envelope. 

Each envelope has a chance to reward players with 1 of several themed items. 

These were my first 2 tries.

The artifact's pretty rewarding in terms of credits. Just equip, use the power and then swap back to your regular artifact and start farming. Enjoy the increased credit drops for the next 10 minutes. Rinse and repeat after the 2 hour cool-down.

Lanterns have a sell/donate value of 888 credits/xp so you can use that for your crafter or for more credits!

The lanterns also have a chance of dropping in the game when you defeat enemies, together with the Lunar Dragon, which is rarer but with a higher value. Managed to find a couple of those.

Always great for donating to the various vendors.

For the celebration, Mandarin has been buffed and has increased rewards as well. Did a couple of runs on him but nothing significant has dropped for me so far. Will have to keep trying!

The new patch has also added Nightcrawler as a playable hero. He is available for purchase in a variety of ways. He was included to my roster automatically as I had purchased the Advance Pack.

Comes in 2 outfits, Classic and Modern.

More on him in tomorrow's diary entry!

Current goals:
Deadpool: Level 60 (Prestige Level 5)
Colossus: Reach Level 60

Deadpool Legendary Item: Rank 5
Reach Enchanter Level 20
Earn 300 Odin Marks for Legendary Item for Colossus

Current Progress
Deadpool: Level 36 (Prestige Level 1)
Gambit: Level 25
Colossus: Level 55
Emma Frost: Level 29

Deadpool Legendary Item: Rank 1
Enchanter: Level 11
Odin Marks: 53