Wednesday 26 February 2014

Evolve - The Talk of the Town

Evolve seems to be all the talk of the town at the moment. A 4v1 shooter where both sides are controlled by players.

The concept of the game is also shown in the logo. One team of 4 hunters versus 1 monster. Check out the trailer below.


I have actually thought about this concept many years back where players should be able to control both sides including the monsters and enemies which are usually AI-controlled. It would definitely be a bigger challenge and a more fun game. 

Of course, coming with an idea and having it run successfully in a game are 2 totally different things. The biggest challenge would be to create a balanced game. On first thoughts, I would think that the Hunters would primarily dominate in most games. However, those who have had access to the game seem to be convinced that both sides are balanced and will make for a even match-up. 

If that's really true, this could be a great game to play with friends. I can already imagine all the chaos and laughter that's going to be heard over the headsets when people play this. It's looking good and could be a great start to next-gen exclusive games.