Wednesday 5 November 2014

GameStart 2014: The Swag!

For a Gaming Convention to be enjoyable, you will need good games.
For a Gaming Convention to be successful, you will need good execution.
For a Gaming Convention to be profitable, you will need good sponsors.
But.. For a Gaming Convention to be remembered, you will need GOOD SWAG!!!

And yes GameStart 2014 had some great freebies been given out! 

Here's what I managed to grab..

Playstation Electric Fans

Got these for showing them that you are a Playstation Plus member.

Toro Magnets??

Not entirely sure where these characters are from but some fridge magnets for showing them that you 'liked' the Playstation Asia Facebook page.

Evil Within Blood Bags

Probably the coolest freebie at GameStart 2014, these Blood Bags serve as a dual purpose Cold/Warm packs. Imagine keeping your ice-cream chilled with blood.. Gross!! Given out for trying The Evil Within demo at the Playstation Arena.

Dragonball figurine keychain

Found these in my random loot bag for being the first 300 people to enter on the 2nd day.

Freedom Wars Pen & Ruler

These were the freebies given to those who registered for the Producer Stage Event. For being the exclusive few, I was hoping for something more exclusive.

Instagram Prints

Tagronauts were giving out free Instagram prints to any pics that caught their eye, or if you just asked.

The Last of Us Remastered A4 Folders

Handed out for trying out TLOU Remastered demo.

Hearthstone Free Card Pack & WoW Expansion Beta Access Codes

Evolve Wristbands

Cool freebie for trying out Evolve. With these three, I completed the set!

EA T-Shirt

Another piece of loot from the Random Loot Bag!

Playstation T-Shirt

Would have liked a Bloodborne related item at the very least, for attending the Bloodborne Producer Stage Event.

DriveClub Bag

Managed to grab 1 at the very last minute by participating in the DriveClub demo.

Fantastic stuff! I missed out on a few like the Dead Island 2 T-Shirt and some Signed Bloodborne T-Shirts that were thrown into the crowd during the Stage Event. Didn't win anything either or would have some really exclusive stuff but I'm happy with my loot.

I'm very surprised at the quantity and quality of a lot of the freebies given out at the very first GameStart event. The Loot Bag for the first 300 was disappointing however but can't complain much on free stuff I guess.

A big Kudos to the organizers and sponsors! Still far away from the major gaming conventions around the world but as the success and popularity grows, I hope the freebies will get bigger and better too!