Thursday 13 November 2014

That Assassin time of the year again..

Like a holiday.. Assassin's Creed season comes once every year!

As a gamer and a collector, it's the most exciting time of the year. For just 1 game, comes several CEs and lots of other trinkets and stuff. This time round, there's 2! 

And as always, I always have an abundance of extra copies of the game to sell away.

Helped some friends get the Guillotine Bottle Opener as a PO bonus and I am helping them sell away the game locally. I got one for myself of course!

So I have 3 new & sealed Xbox One copies of the game to sell away at SGD$60 each. Do help some fellow gamers and collectors out here by recommending this offer to anyone who might be interested.

Here are the Guillotine bottle openers.. Just perfect to take off the heads..

.. of a bottle of course!

The instructions..

They should have made it such that you can drop the blade down onto the bottle cap and the cap drops off..

Opened mine..

It's made of real metal and it's rather heavy. A good quality piece of collectible!

Did my preorders at Zepy Games and they were using this wonderful carrier bags..

Nice stuff!

Anyway I got several more PS4 copies of AC Unity coming as well so if anyone isn't in a hurry to get the game, you can always get a decent deal from me in a week or two. I'll definitely go below retail cost to make it worth the wait.