Tuesday 4 November 2014

Played some Big Alpha & New stuff to be revealed in November.

Sadly the super-exciting news of PS4 servers being ready, didn't live up to it.

The PS4 had major match-making issues and it was almost impossible to get a game.  So I thought hopefully Evolve's Twitter will have some updates about that..

Keep trying? That's some real solid advice for life in general..

It wasn't all bad though. Managed to get 2 games last night and a couple of hours on my brother's PC when I went over to my parent's place on Saturday.

The game's looking fabulous and I'm getting a lot better with my favourite Support Class. I can't seem to get myself away from Hank and try the other classes. I just enjoy shielding my allies and getting the Orbital Barrage on target is just so sweet. 

Even managed to find a Goliath in the process of evolving and I rained down the Orbital Barrage on his sorry ass.

Hopefully tonight will be better for the PS4 servers and I can find a game easily. Would really like to try a few games as the Monster before the Big Alpha closes.

Been setting my preference as 'Monster' but I always seem to get the Hunter. Well... will just have to keep trying I guess.

And if you enjoyed Evolve over the past few days (Or wanted to enjoy Evolve..), you will be pleased to know there's plenty of new reveals that will be made in the coming month..

New Maps, the much-asked about about New Game Modes, New Hunters & much more, which I hope includes the New Monsters as well..

Can't wait!!