Wednesday 12 November 2014

Looking forward to Assassin's Creed Rogue

So.. AC Unity is the "bigger" game because it's on the new console generation.

But as a long time fan.. I'm looking forward more for AC Rogue because of the plot. AC Rogue will be strongly linked to the Kenway Saga, filling up the gaps between Grandpa Edward and Grandson Connor. The ga will focus on events during, everyone's favourite Templar, Haytham's time.

Hey! Miss me?
It will be about how Shay, an Assassin, who went rogue and switched sides joining the Templars.

AC Rogue will be Ubisoft's attempt at changing fans' views about the Assassins & Templars. No more good guys vs. bad guys.. that's only true in fantasy. In real life, it's one man's views against another's.

I have talked a lot about this over the past few months regarding the perception of the Templars. While I, including many others, do realise that the Assassins have plenty of faults in their so-called 'Creed', the question is.. Will AC Rogue be a believable enough story to convince us that the Templars do have good intentions in their fight for peace?

I mean.. yes.. we have seen glimpses of dying Templars proclaiming that the Assassin was wrong and naive in their quest for freedom and that the Templars did really work towards a better future. But, now playing as a Templar, watching his interactions with other Templars, will it be convincingly portrayed in the game that the Templars do have good motives?

Apart from a couple of early trailers, I didn't want to spoil too much of the story for myself, and the impression I got is that Shay is bitter about something that happened. Fair enough.. the plot looks like it will focus on revenge but will his reasoning be acceptable or will he just turn out to be a sourpuss who is seeking revenge for his own selfish gains.

There is a damn good reason why I am doing this, you know?
AC Rogue is supposed to change our mindset about the Templars and give us a 2-sided view about the Templars & Assassins and I just hope that it is done well. I remember the Avatar movie and the initial hype was all about who we would side with, the Navi's or the Humans... But very disappointingly, there was absolutely nothing in the movie that actually made me feel for the Humans' perspective!

Ok.. I think I have gone on too long about this.. In short, I just want to see the Templars portrayed as normal and good people with a genuine interest in the people... As people who we can sympathise with and take this two-sided war into a battle that we can relate to, rather than a fictional Good vs Evil war. This will be ideal scenario for the future of the franchise.

And then Ubisoft can go on and release 2 games each year for both sides of the divide, which will make perfect sense.. (Sort of..)