Tuesday 10 February 2015

Assassin's Creed Unity Initiate Edition Pics

Started taking pics of my stuff that I have gotten in the past 2 months..

Here's 1.. The AC Unity Initiate Edition..

The Chalice

Chalice is made of metal and has good weight to it. Very pleased that it wasn't some cheap plastic.

Fraternitatem Numquam Periculare, which is Latin and means 'Never Compromise the Brotherhood'.

Closer look at the details..

The Scroll

Another fantastic looking replica.The quality on this isn't that authentic but it still looks good.

The Intitiate Edition also comes with the Collector's Hardcover Guidebook.

The extra content in the Collector's Guidebook are a definite treat for the hardcore fans.

This is the first time that there's a 3-tier system for the Assassin's Creed Guidebooks and I'm liking the extra goodies in this edition.

The Chalice and Scroll look really good and the quality was worth the price.  Will be looking forward to similar editions for future AC games. Always cool to have more replicas from the AC franchise related to the Brotherhood.

The AC Unity Initiate Edition is based on Arno's initiation into the Assassin Brotherhood. Arno drinks from the Chalice and the words on the Scroll are the words spoken to Arno as he is initiated into the Brotherhood.

Very cool! Gives more meaning to these replicas.. Soon I can form my own Brotherhood since I have the equipment..

While the Initiate Edition is awesome, I was quite weirded out by the whole Initiation process in the game.

Check out the video that I recorded using the PS4 share function..

The part where he goes into a hallucination mode, looking for his father's killer was just weird. What is included in the drink that made Arno go into that state?

I understand that the artifacts have special powers that equips the user with special abilities but just drinking from a cup? I thought that the Templar Initiation process was very cool (From AC 3). Simple but it got the point across. 

Anyway for good or for bad, the process will be remembered when I see these on my display and thanks to the PS4's 'share' functions, I have this video on my YouTube channel.