Saturday 21 February 2015

Updated Collection Display - Day 3

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Too busy lately but the long break for Chinese New Year gave me some time to work on the display.

Here's an updated look!

Almost ready!

First 2 cupboards are more or less settled. Will be able to squeeze in a couple more items but I don't want to break the theme of each shelf.

95% done, I would say. The Statue of Liberty shouldn't be there with the Army of Two stuff. 

Bottom shelves with the Mortal Kombat statues are occupying too much space. Might need separate displays for the 1/4 scale stuff.

Might be able to squeeze a couple more Non-Assassin AC figures beside the Darksiders stuff. Shelf above that will be used to place more AC merchandise.

3rd shelf - Top 2 shelves could be used more efficiently.

Large space beside the Smoke Statue. Hoping to squeeze in a big one, so I'm leaving the extra shelf above that in case I need the extra height.

First 3 cupboards were dominated by Assassin's Creed so this one will be used for most of the others.  
Bottom shelf cosy enough for the 3 ninjas. The rest will be mostly random items. There's still quite a bit to unbox so looks like 4 shelves aren't enough for everything. 

There's a ton of GTA stuff which I haven't started displaying. The AC Unity stuff are still at my place, yet to bring them over to my parents' where this display is. Several Mortal Kombat stuff from Syco Collectibles are still in their boxes. I have yet to decide if I will keep those however. Then, there are some huge stuff like the Connor Premium Statue & the Life-Sized Scorpion Bust which aren't going to fit in these Billy Bookcases..

So, it looks like I will just need 1 more day and the full display will be ready. Then it looks like more shelves will be needed again!

Stay tuned for the full update soon, and I will do a shelf-by-shelf walk-through. I have already talked about most of the items in my collection in the past few years, on this blog but over time, things might have changed and it will be interesting to check out my thoughts again.