Tuesday 10 February 2015

Looking forward to Evolve

The phrase 'Most Anticipated Game of the Year' might sometimes be over-used..

But not this time.. Evolve is almost out!

Thanks to the Pre-Release tests and 2K Asia, I have had ample hands-on time with this game already and I have talked about this game a lot on the blog, so not gonna repeat myself here.

Right from the start, I felt that this game was going to be a hit. There were a few balancing issues here and there, but the concept felt really good. In fact, something I have wished for.

4v1, all player-controlled. 4-player co-op is nothing new. A lot of great games have it and it is so much fun. Taking down a huge monster? Even more fun!

But I have always wondered.. What if we can get a game where we can be that monster/boss? Well.. guess the guys at Turtle Rock Studios had the same thought..

With so many tests over the past few months, the game looks all ready to go. Hopefully, the PS4 version would have solved the few match-making issues that the last Beta test had. 

Even with so much hands-on time with this game, I have intentionally not played the 2nd/3rd group of Hunters and hardly played the Support, Assault classes & the other Monsters.

I did this because I wanted to keep the game as fresh as possible when I finally get the game. Didn't want to feel as if I had played everything this game had to offer. Actually I have never touched the other game modes as well so I'm really looking forward to get to try those for the very first time.

And yes.. this game is best played with friends (Why would you even want to play solo against the AI??!!) I'm looking for a good group of regular players who will be playing this on the PS4. 

So, friends.. if you are getting this, do let me know and we can arrange some games very soon. 

Oh and if for some reason, you still have no idea what this game is all about.. Here's a playlist of gameplay videos from a good friend, Louis. He's enjoying it ever since I introduced him to the game!