Monday 16 February 2015

Toy Fair 2015: NECA's Heroes of the Storm Figures & Sackboys

Quick turnaround from NECA. Just a few days ago, they announced their license for the Heroes of the Storm and now they have completed prototypes to show.

The first two; Illidan & Nova are prototype samples only so that's not the actual size. Stitches on the right, however is.

I believe these are based on the in-game models but I'm not a fan of the art style that they are using. Quite disappointed with the way Illidan has turned out. Looks like I'd have to hunt down the DC Collectibles version.

Anyway, Tyrael & Lich King are up next for Series 2. Hopefully these will look better.

And if you are a Sackboy fan, here's some good news!

I'm sure these will be popular among the Playstation fans..

Source: ToyArk