Tuesday 26 March 2013

AC IV Edward Kenway Figurine

So we have already seen the Collectors' Editions announced so far in my previous post and there are 2 figurines that have all my interest... but it's not done yet...

From their UbiCollectibles line, there's another Edward figurine coming out..

The figurines from the CEs are huge and I was wishing for something simpler as well to go with the other Assassin Creed figurines and this should do nicely.

A bad-ass pose with 2 pistols up guarding whatever treasure he might have found. Still a bit dynamic but I'm pleased. This one and the 2 from the CEs are going to look fabulous with the rest. (Definitely won't be able to squeeze in any more into my display case though)

Some more pics..
Really fantastic! Apparently, there is going to be some DLC content included with this figurine so that's an added incentive to buy this piece. Added this to must-buy list as well.

Still wish they will have a Aveline and Nikolai figurine in this line to add to the collection!

Source: Ubi Forums