Thursday 7 March 2013

Another update.. Grand Theft Auto stuff

Haven't been buying much stuff recently but most of the stuff I bought are Rockstar based games.

Showed you guys my Max Payne items a while back.. Now for some Grand Theft Auto..

Always been intrigued by their range of collectibles and promo items but when I started off collecting, they seemed a bit hard to find so I didn't actively hunt for them. But with eBay and some friends at the CE forums, they seem a lot more "findable" now.

Ok enough with the talk and let's see the pics..

Let's start with the upcoming GTA V. One of the first items released as a promo for GTA V are these viewfinders.
Wasn't that impressed with them initially but thought they looked cool with the various colours and weren't that costly so thought they will be a good add. So what exactly are they? 

You can actually look into them and each one shows a different artwork of different locations in GTA V. Interesting way to show some art instead of just releasing it on the web.

 photo GTA_V_Key_Viewers_7_zpsb58df1b0.jpg  photo GTA_V_Key_Viewers_6_zps44b4bfc4.jpg  photo GTA_V_Key_Viewers_5_zpsc46b2ee0.jpg 
 photo GTA_V_Key_Viewers_4_zps5811e0f3.jpg  photo GTA_V_Key_Viewers_3_zpsde27a155.jpg

I took the pics by placing the camera lens on the "eye-hole". Didn't think it would work initially.. haha!

Next up.. We take a trip back a few years back to GTA IV.. 
The Statue of Liberty Happiness! A mock on the Statue of Liberty of course. The statue actually appeared in-game and you were right there at the final mission. This one makes me laugh. Having it in game was funny enough but to make a statue of it and use it as a promo? Truly Rockstar!

Some close-up pics.. (Click to Enlarge).
 photo GTA_IV_Statue_Of_Happiness_2_zps02a8209a.jpg  photo GTA_IV_Statue_Of_Happiness_4_zps6231d0e8.jpg
 photo GTA_IV_Statue_Of_Happiness_3_zps977f879c.jpg  photo GTA_IV_Statue_Of_Happiness_6_zps5ed4f679.jpg  photo GTA_IV_Statue_Of_Happiness_5_zps0cc0e919.jpg  photo GTA_IV_Statue_Of_Happiness_8_zps89e66f46.jpg

I also recently got the GTA IV Special Edition finally at a sale.
They only had to the X-Box 360 version so just got it. I just wanted the contents inside since I have the PS3 version of the game. Not opening it yet, just in case I can trade it for a PS3 version :)


Now we go further back to what I feel is the best GTA game out there, GTA San Andreas!

GTA San Andreas Dominoes
Been looking for this for quite a while. Thanks to a friend who gave me a heads-up on a eBay listing, I was able to grab this quick. Very nicely displayed in a wooden box, this is one of the nicest looking items collectible I own. There are several other casino-themed collectibles from GTA San Andreas so I'm looking to grow on this collection.

Of course to enter a casino, you will need this.
A Casino Loyalty card for Carl Johnson for entry into the Four Dragons Casino, which was the name of the casino in the GTA San Andreas game.

Then again, you can enter into the casino but you still need this to play..
Some dollar bills. $100 and $69!! Haha getting a little excited here..
On the flipside..
"Dress Code Applies Mutha Fucka" and "In Uzi We Trust". I'll probably spend my money more wisely if my dollar bills were as bad-ass as these.

So there you have it.. A mini update on the GTA stuff I bought the past couple of months..
Of course, do drop me an e-mail if you have any GTA Stuff for sale. I'm always for more to add to my collection even if I already have a certain item. Some of these look better with 2 or more displayed together..

Altogether now for THE Best Games in the Industry! Grand Theft Auto!