Friday 29 March 2013

The Darksiders series may not be over!!

Just when it looked like it's all doom and gloom for the Darksiders Series, there seems to be a glimmer of hope, actually much more than that.

For those who aren't following the events, let me do a quick brief.. THQ, the publisher of Darkiders 2 went into bankruptcy sometime last year. All their properties including Darksiders were up for sale. While most of the properties were bought up by other publishers, Darksiders was surprisinly left out and no one bought it. So Vigil Games the development studio closed and all their staff were out of job. 

In what seems to be a blessing now, Crytek signed up 35 employees from the closed Vigil Games studio. While it was great to see a huge core of the studio staying together, there was no news about Darksiders or if they had the rights to make another Darksiders game. With no news about the future, a certain blogger became very depressed..

However, with THQ attempting to sell off all it's remaining assets, Crytek has said that they plan to bid for the Darksiders IP. That's music to my ears! 

Firstly, I'm happy that someone is even planning to buy the Darksiders IP. Back then I would have been happy with anyone getting the IP but with the IP going back to the original developers in Crytek, I couldn't have wished for anything better. Someone else might have changed the essence of the game and everything we loved about the games.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the Crytek will win the bid and we will able to see the series continue.. and maybe even getting Joe Madureira back into the fold..

Of course, the gamer-half of me will be more than happy to see this happen.. The collector-half will like to se the licence go back to SOTA Toys so they can continue with the Horsemen statues!

Let's take things one at a time though..