Friday 15 March 2013

God of War Ascension Dualshock 3 Edition and Pre-order Promos!

Collected my Pre-order for the God of War: Ascension Dualshock 3 edition and the promos that came with it. Did my pre-order at the Event in Singapore so there were extra goodies!

Really awesome stuff!

Let's take a look at the Dualshock 3 controller
Never collected any controllers till now but I really wanted this after seeing it. Awesome design, really nice to have. Will never use it to play, he will just be a collector's piece for me. Now, I want that Unchartered one to accompany this.

Come to think of it, I'm surprised there aren't many Limited Edition controllers around. All the Sony Exclusives should have come out with a LE controller.. Infamous, Twisted Metal, LBP etc. That would  have hooked me on collecting controllers a long time back. 

The Steelbook with Game
Nice Steelbook but I won't be starting to collect Steelbooks.. Keep them away!! Comes with 7 DLC content so well worth it.

Now for the exclusive promos that came with it.. The T-Shirt
Nice shirt here but not opening it yet. Not really a fan of gaming T-shirts unless they don't look like gaming T-shirts. (WTF does that even mean?) Will just put this with the other gaming shirts that I have for now..

The Multiplayer Character posters
2 of these, I forgot to ask if there are other variants but I don't recall seeing anything different from these two.

I'm surprised that the posters are of very good quality not like the regular posters that are usually given out. Not sure what it's made of but it's very thick, something like those used in banners. So yea very good quality stuff here.. Would have preferred a poster of Kratos but I guess they wanted to promote the Multiplayer feature..

And of course the steel mug which seems to be a popular item..
Nice to see promos given out for games and I really appreciate this effort by Playstation Asia to promote the game. It's always exciting to go pick up a game and it's accompanied by goodies. It definitely builds up the hype and the excitement to get home and take some pics (at least for me).

That said, promos of stuff that are connected to the game universe is what I'm really looking for. Unless Kratos drinks from a similar-looking mug in the game, the steel mug doesn't really have that connection to me. Still awesome of Playstation Asia to have this promo, I'm not complaining! :D

Very cool and I'll be updating the blog with pics of the Collector's Edition very soon!

Edit: For those who are unable to get the Dualshock 3 Edition, PlayAsia is selling them.
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