Thursday 28 November 2013

Assassin's Creed IV Skull Edition Unboxed by a Friend!

Remember that Skull Edition I posted a while back? I couldn't post any unboxed pics of it as I was intending to sell it sealed. Well, I finally managed to sell it away and in the process.. got to meet a new friend, Jerome, who is equally passionate about collecting Assassin's Creed stuff as me!

Had a good long chat with him, earlier today about Assassin's Creed, collecting and some irrelevant stuff about life. Haha!

Anyway, Jerome was kind enough to send me some pictures of the Skull Edition's contents to use on the blog. So here they are!
Skull Edition itself!
The Back
Unwrapped front side of the Jumbo Steel
The Back
Opening the Jumbo Steel
The Lithographs
Official Soundtrack
Mini Artbook
The game case
The Back
But here's the surprise.. I didn't know that this Alternate Cover Art was included in the Skull Edition so I was surprised when Jerome told me about it.. Anyway here it is..

Looks really cool if you ask me, very nice art on the cover... 

Anyway here's Jerome's thoughts about the Skull Edition..

"I think it was a good edition for collectors who missed out on the items such as Soundtrack, Artbook & Lithographs but this edition has another bonus which is an alternate cover on the reverse side which has a very nice artwork on it. 

The Metal Steel Case also protects the contents well and you can keep the items back into the case for safe-keeping and there are nice designs on the metal case on the front as well as the back. Similar to the Steelbook Edition but with a bigger capacity."

Thanks for the pics and comments on the Skull Edition, Jerome! Again, nice to know you and enjoyed chatting with you earlier. Do say hi in the comments below!