Monday 11 November 2013

Unboxing the Assassin's Creed IV US Limited Edition

Here's the first of the AC IV goodies I picked up, direct from Amazon.

The US Limited Edition..
The Back
Closer look at the contents
The box looks fantastic but I don't have space for these unfortunately.

Opening up the box to see the instructions for fixing up the statue.
Fixing it up isn't that hard, but I guess it always helps 

Inside is the "tray" similar to the Assassin's Creed 3 Limited Edition.
Containing the Steelbook, Artbook and the AC IV Flag
The Steelbook..
The Back..
Opening it up..
Yet another Steelbook that I will have to resist collecting. Really awesome if you ask me. The AC IV logo in the front and a nice portrait of Edward Kenway at the back. The game and soundtrack is included in the Steelbook plus the special offer code to redeem Assassin's Creed IV on the PS4 for US$9.99.

Since I already have the game in another CE, I'm actually selling the Steelbook and all the contents together if anyone wants it. I took special care when taking the pics so it will be as pristine as possible. It didn't come sealed so I'm selling it at it's original condition. I'm asking SGD $70 for it if anyone is interested. I believe it's a fair price for the contents included.

Here's the mini-artbook...
Pics of it's contents..
There's that cube I was talking about...

Artbook's pretty cool as usual. It makes a return after ACIII. Was very disappointed that there wasn't one in any of the ACIII CEs. I might be selling this as well, since the Black Chest Edition should have this. Not 100% sure if it's exactly the same.. But if it is.. I'll need this sold as well.

Hoist Lay out the Black Flag!
Cool stuff! Yet another flag after ACIII!

Looking at this actually makes me regret selling away my ACIII flag from last year's US Limited Edition. I sold it away thinking I wouldn't have space to display it anyway, but kinda regret it now. I still don't any idea where I'm going to put it but who cares? I want it!

If there's anyone looking to sell away their flag from the Assassin's Creed 3 US Limited Edition, please do drop me a mail. I'm sure we can reach an agreement. I'm sure some of you local guys bought it from Qisahn last year, so you still have a sealed or mint piece, I would love to buy it from you. I also don't mind buying from anyone overseas. Drop me a mail eh?

Lastly, we have the Edward Kenway statue!
Like always, the statue has always been the highlight of any Collector's Edition for me. As long as I'm a fan of the game and the CE has a statue, it's a definite buy for me. So no different for this one..

After fixing it up..
A stunning statue.. Measuring to the tip of the mast, this one is really tall! Really love the pose as well! Very dynamic and with Edward Kenway atop a mast, it really fits into the theme of the game. Glad to see Ubisoft (or UbiCollectibles) upping their game with each iteration of an AC game. They went for simple poses with Ezio but have done some nice dynamic ones with Connor and now Edward..

Of course, this isn't the only Edward Kenway statue for AC IV and I can't wait for the other 2 to arrive quickly.Will be really cool to see the 3 together or rather every single of them side-by-side. This post last year brought it plenty of views on the blog and it's the highest-viewed post on my blog so can't wait to see if a new update will outdo it..

More close-up pics of the statue to see the details..
Interesting decision to design this feature for the sword..
So you can slot the sword into the hand and close the tip.

A very cool CE altogether but not the best out there for AC IV as you will see in a couple of weeks. More pricey than the usual CEs but you can see the quality and size of that statue for yourself..