Saturday 16 November 2013

New DLC for The Last of Us revealed..

Naughty Dog has been pretty mum about their story DLC up to now... but the first details are finally out!

Check out the reveal trailer below for Left Behind!

Not much details but it is confirmed that we will be playing as Ellie and the other character is Riley, who also appears in the The Last of Us comic books. I can't remember for sure, but I think Ellie also mentions in the main game that Riley was her best friend, but she died after being bitten whereas Ellie survived. It's been a while since I completed the game so I can't remember for sure.

I really enjoyed The Last of Us as mentioned before, it had a really gripping plot and the characters were lovable. Ever since I finished the game, I have been looking forward to seeing more story DLC so definitely excited for this one, to be released sometime in early 2014. It's going to cost USD$14.99 so I expect the game-play to be quite lengthy. Hopefully it won't disappoint in that aspect. Plot-wise, I'm very confident that it won't disappoint because of Naughty Dog's record.

Anyone else planning to get this or has it been too long a wait?