Wednesday 13 November 2013

Ubisoft Singapore's "Art in Video games" Art Exhibition

Went for the Art Exhibition by Ubisoft Singapore on Nov 9 at the FZD School of Design.

Smaller than I expected but it was cool. As mentioned, there were plenty of art pieces from Assassin's Creed IV and Ghost Recon Online.
I actually registered for the workshop which was to start at 3pm but I only managed to reach at about 3.10pm because of the rain. Thought I would still be able to make it without losing much but was really disappointed to see the workshop being conducted in the same area as the art exhibits so basically everyone was watching the workshop. 

All the seats were taken up and there were a lot of people standing at the back.. no point in registering for a workshop when they decided to let everyone in, in the end. Oh well.. couldn't really enjoy the workshop from the back but I managed to get some pics.

As someone who really can't draw for nuts.. I could just sit there in awe as I saw the artist, Kobe, produce stunning art in a matter of minutes. It was really cool watching how Assassin's Creed IV concept art is produced. You will see in some of the pictures below how some of the concept art turns out in the final product within the game itself. The presenters also answered several questions from the audience and gave some info on what goes on behind the scenes and also how to make the jump into becoming an employee of Ubisoft Singapore.

Kudos to Ubisoft Singapore for hosting this. The venue wasn't very ideal but it was great having Ubisoft Singapore acknowledging they have many fans in Singapore and having this event. Definitely looking forward to future events from them!

Don't worry if you missed the exhibition, I got you covered.. I took a pic of every one of them so Chiku Chiku Enjoy! (Click on the "View Full Story" to have the images enlarged, tried something new with Photobucket's Story feature, inserting that many pics is a pain in the ass!)