Sunday 24 November 2013

GTA V Beach Bum DLC is Live!

The new Beach Bum DLC pack was recently added to GTA Online for free and here are some of the details.
The pack is more of an update rather than a DLC pack, and is automatically updated into GTA Online when you install the latest patch 1.06.

So what's new in the Beach Bum Update?

4 New Vehicles
3 new Land Vehicles as shown in the pic below.

From Left to Right: BF Bifta, Canis Kalahari, Bravado Paradise

All vehicles are free, so you can just add them to your garage. I took the Bravado Paradise as it's a 4-seater and also because it's a Bravado - The Bravado line of vehicles are my favourite as of now so I'll maintain the consistency for now. Slow but pretty solid vehicle. Managed to slow down a Prison Bus by ramming into it.

There's also a Boat - Speeder which is also a 4-seater. Free as well!

2 New Weapons
A melee weapon, Broken Bottle and a SNS Pistol.

Feel the Broken Bottle is a nice touch to allow players to have their very own pub brawl.. SNS Pistol, doubt I'll ever use it though. Both weapons are free to purchase from Ammunation.

New Clothing Options
Plenty of new beach-wear apparel to choose from to be properly dressed for your beach parties. You can find anything from Pork-Pie Hats to Surfer Shorts. Many different colours and designs to choose from. All are added for free to your wardrobe to save you the trouble.

New Hairstyles
Couple of new hairstyles to choose from to fit in with the Beach crowd. If I'm not wrong, you got to pay for the new haircuts.. Can't remember for sure.

New Tattoo Options
Some new tattoos as well, all free ink!

30 New Jobs
30 beach-themed new missions being added into GTA Online, to keep the game-play fresh. This is part of Rockstar's promise to keep adding in new missions and expanding GTA Online after release. Always a welcome addition for those who have played all the original missions, something new to try out now.

Pretty pleased with the new stuff, most of it is free in-game so you don't have to spend any in-game currency to get into the Beach Bum look. Best of all is that the pack itself is free in real-life as well so you don't have to spend real money to get these either.

Here's some more pics from my GTA V Snapmatic.

My newest ride, the Bravado Paradise van
Jengoboy in his Beach Bum attire with his new ride!
Jengoboy without his ride chilling at the beach!
My new Speeder, along with a fellow crew member's Speeder.
Temasek Thugs crew's rides at our Beach Party!
Cool Stuff, can't wait to see what else they add to GTA Online in the future!