Tuesday 25 August 2015

A new interest in Tomb Raider..

I have never gotten into the Tomb Raider franchise..

Yes, many years ago, I did try a modded version of Tomb Raider that let me see all her uncovered polygons, which I found extremely lame, even back then.. 

Apart from that childish experience, I have barely played a Tomb Raider game..

But for some reason, I'm suddenly interested in trying out the new reboot of Tomb Raider..

Maybe it's the excitement for the similar tomb-raiding Uncharted or maybe it's the surge in popularity of strong female leads. 

I came across some trailers and gameplay videos of the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot and was quite impressed by the visuals as well as the gameplay style of the game.

One of the reasons why I never followed the Tomb Raider games was because I wasn't a huge fan of female characters. 

Why? No, not because I'm sexist.. My interest in certain games comes with how I relate to the main characters. Of course there are other reasons how I choose games but most of the time, it has to have a compelling character. 

Perhaps, it's the Godly strength of Kratos or the super-suaveness of Ezio.. Unknowingly, like a childhood dream, I would like to be the character that I'm playing as.

So, obviously I wouldn't want to be sexy Lara Croft..

In multiplayer games that allow you to create-your-own-character, I would make a twisted "cool" version of myself. Again, not a lady in a bikini..

That's me all heavily-tattoed..
But of course, I do always enjoy a good game. Looking at the new Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is a much more well-developed character compared to the Lara Croft of old who was just err.. well-endowed..

Still considering if I should get this.. Having a huge backlog and more games coming out this year, I'm trying to limit the no. of games I buy.. 

That said.. I'm not going to miss out on good games!

I haven't watched too many gameplay vids so as not to spoil the game for myself if I do get it. Quite impressed with the starting of the game but I'm not sure how it turns out in the end. 

So I need your help guys! If you have played this, tell me how it was. I'm looking to get the PS4 Definitive Edition which I hope was a good port. Do post your comments below so that I can look at it again when I need to. (It's hard to find stuff on Facebook). Thanks guys!