Wednesday, 26 August 2015

PCS Collectibles' 1/4 Klassic Jade Collection pics

And now for Jade.. this one came as a EX to Mileena but you can't really call it a EX actually. Either way, I had to get both..

The Art box..

 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 2_zpszfxutack.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 3_zpsf0es0jfs.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 4_zpssnnw7amu.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 5_zpstm2a7no1.jpg
This one came in a brown shipper box as well..

 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 1_zpswycvauud.jpg

Just 200 pieces made, I must be pretty lucky to own one.. #160 of 200!

 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 6_zpswxaftjva.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 8_zpsuaofjdv4.jpg
Again, great to see the numbers tallying..

Before unboxing..

 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 7_zpsjp0comcu.jpg
Those white gloves were in the box again..

And here's Jade!

 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 9_zpsgzitpfel.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 10_zpsj3jqxdc7.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 11_zpsduwgn38e.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 12_zpsdgei2ohi.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 13_zpsc3m5pk9m.jpg
Again, very nicely painted. No defects that I noticed. A friend did mention that the skin tone is rather flat and yes, I have to agree with him. A rather large drop in quality as compared to Goro, which was remarkable.

As I unboxed Jade, I noticed a stark difference in the skin tone, Jade's a couple of shades darker than Mileena and it's obvious even without putting them together. Pics on that later..

 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 14_zpsdpeiorfs.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 15_zpsbcfj4mvf.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 16_zpsmbgj1yww.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 17_zpsp1xqmlpa.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 18_zpsqxpizgfc.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 19_zpszr0px1si.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 20_zpsgke2nzmc.jpg
No issues in the fabric here as well.Very pleased with that.

The staff is made of real metal as far as I can tell, and is rather long. Almost the same height as Jade herself.

Critics can argue that Jade is pretty much a repaint of Mileena but that's what the Klassic characters looked like. The weapons make a huge difference to give them some variety. 

Another feature is the ass.. I can't say for sure but it sure does look as if Jade's hip and ass area is just slightly bigger than Mileena's. Not sure if the skin tones are giving the illusion or if it is definitely true.

Either way, let's see some shots of the ladies together..

 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 21_zpsluypn3mn.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 22_zpsmu66sqwu.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 23_zpsj4xm1dqw.jpg
 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 24_zpsiw3y6czg.jpg

 photo PCS_Klassic Jade 25_zps2jmmyhsg.jpg
Yes, definitely a noticeable difference in skin tone between the two.

2 great additions to the Klassic line, it's definitely growing now after a slow start.. Can't wait for a couple more to be released and it's going to look awesome altogether!


  1. She looks awesome! Can't wait to receive ours :D

    On the hip/ass proportion, I think it's an illusion. I don't see any difference between the two. Still sad though that they didn't went with the original (dark) skin color for her :( would have differentiated them even more. I also wonder what's taking Jerry so long to release Kitana... We need her with these two :(

    1. Yup guessed as much.. Illusion it is.. Funny how my wife and helper both said it does look bigger.

      Would have loved it darker, now it seems like a half-attempt to actually differentiate it. Oh well.. I'm happy anyway.

      Kitana? I think Jerry knows it's a sure-sellout so he's working on others first. Thought it would have made more sense to do Kitana together with these two since he did mention that doing all the 4 male ninjas were cheaper. Unless of course, he's going for a different approach for Kitana

    2. Could be... but like you said, I thought he would get her out of the way together with these two just like the ninja's... He could have paired her with Skarlet which would have been awesome :D

    3. Skarlet? Will he? I hope so.. Almost anything MK I'll buy