Wednesday 12 August 2015

Playstation Plus' Vote-to-Play Details for September!

Playstation is giving us the chance to vote for 1 of our monthly free games for being a PS Plus Suscriber in this new Vote-to-Play feature!

We will get our first voted game in September and voting start this Thursday! There's 3 
games to pick from and we even get "Vote-for-me" videos from each of the games..

Hmm.. I'll be voting for Zombie Vikings as it looks like it has a very similar play-style to Castle Crashers. Of the 3, this is the only one that interests me and probably will only download the free game if Zombie Vikings wins.

Co-op sidescrollers are always enjoyable with a group of friends so maybe you will vote together with me?

So How do you vote?

"If you’re a PS Plus member and want to cast your vote, simply log on to your PS4 with your SEN account and you’ll find the Vote to Play link under “What’s New,” “Notifications” or in PlayStation Store when voting begins. And don’t worry if you change your mind. Simply log back in and change your vote – it’s as simple as that!"

Apparently, we will not get to Vote every month for our free game and it's only going to happen periodically, at least for now.. I do like the idea of having a say in what games we get each month. Definitely a Plus to be a PS Plus member!

The 3 games are confirmed to be the choices for US, EU, UK regions.. No confirmation from Asia PSN store yet and voting will be open from these timings

- Aug 13 8.30am Pacific Time to Aug 24 8.30am Pacific Time
- Aug 13 4.30pm BST to ?
- Aug 13 5.30pm CEST to ?

Will update again when there's confirmation about Asia PS Plus.