Sunday 2 August 2015

Play-Asia is having their summer sale! International Shipping included!

Play-Asia is having their annual Summer Sale on lots of games and toys!

Play-Asia sells games from all regions as well as offer international shipping. There's also a free Gran Turismo 6 Limited Edition being given out with each order, so be sure to grab that.

There's plenty of classic hits, a couple of cut-price Collector's Editions and dirt-cheap Japanese games.. a little something for everyone.

Plus there are contests running alongside their sale!

Here's the details..

1) GET YOUR ORDER FOR FREE! Everyday within the sale period (28th - 4th), anyone who makes an order consisting of Summer Sale products will have a chance to get their order 100% free. For every item you check out that is part of the sale, we will enter you into our lucky draw by sending you a separate and individual email code per product. From this, at the end of each day, we will randomly choose from a list of all the qualifying orders of that day, and refund the full order cost including shipping*. We will also make the announcement the day after and our lovely CS team will handle it all. So if you ordered on the 28th and you win, you'll know by the 29th! And just in case, even if you didn't get your ticket for whatever reason, if you made an order that day that qualifies for this part of the promotion, we will still have it on record, and you will be entered regardless. Also, if you're lucky, you can also win more than once, as each day is a new chance... 

2) AUGUST 5TH SUMMER SALE 3X LUCKY DRAW! On the 5th, we will also announce a winner each for 3 lucky draws, and this will be chosen from the pool codes that we've emailed to everyone who bought an Summer Sale item during the sale period. It's pretty straight forward - the more codes you have, the higher the chance you get to get picked! DAT MGS CONSOLE THO...

Here's the sale page for you guys..

Happy shopping and hope you get a good deal from the sale and good luck in the contests!