Monday 17 August 2015

Collection Shelves: More Assassin's Creed (Part 2)

Part 1 was all about my Assassin's Creed figures but there's more to my collection than just figures.

Here's some of the rest of the stuff..

Assassin's Creed Limited Codex Edition box on the right and the AC3 Tomahawk Replica kit taking up a shelf.

More boxes from the various CEs..

and hidden blades..

And now for the dilemma I was telling you guys about in Part 1..

You have seen how I displayed the figures. All the figures from a particular line go together but for AC IV's UbiCollectibles figures.. I have put them together with the rest of the items as a 'AC IV Display' as seen below..

It's a little messy now but as I have always mentioned, I would like to have a custom display with a bit more height and depth to it so I can have the canvas prints hung up above the figures as a backdrop.

So a game-by-game display like this or all the figures together? Let me know your thoughts!

Well.. that's all for the AC stuff that's on my shelves. There's still plenty of lithos and art prints that I'll need frames for before they go up on the shelves but this will do for now.

Next up.. Mortal Kombat in Part 3!