Thursday 16 May 2013

Some GTA Stuff for my Collection and a Little Teaser!

Hey! Hey! Found some good deals on a couple of GTA merchandise so managed to grab those to expand on my collection.

First some stuff from GTA Chinatown..
Actually they are Stylus Pens for the Nintendo DS shaped to look like chopsticks. I was under the impression that they were bigger, close to the size of real chopsticks but the seller showed some pics which made me realise they are much smaller. Got a very good deal on these, so nothing to complain about.

The Stylus Pens came in a set together with these Ziploc Bags.
Personally, I have never seen these prior to purchasing these. I have never played GTA Chinatown Wars before (the only GTA game I have never played, apart from the older top-down games), so I have no idea what these are replicas of. Were they supposed to contain something in the game? Something illegal perhaps? Fortune cookies? No idea, so do comment below if you know what these are for..

Great deals come in twos! Or so they say...

The same seller had some GTA San Andreas stuff  as well! 

A GTA San Andreas lighter and 3 Match-boxes or rather Match-packs...
Side-view of the Match-pack.. You can see the matches in there. Pretty cool additions to the collection and didn't have to pay a bomb for these so I'm happy with these.

Couple of stickers in the pack as well.
Of course, the wonderful stickers that Rockstar have made so popular. 

Hope you liked the pics.. but wait there's more! 

A friend of mine in US just sent a huge parcel over to me. He has been helping me collect shipments as some sellers did not want to post internationally. Got quite a number of stuff in there but I haven't had time to check them all out yet. Will be getting pics over the next few days and I will update my blog asap. Meanwhile, here's a little teaser..

Check back soon for the updates!