Sunday 26 May 2013

Mother of all Collectors' Editions!

Ever thought a particular Collector's Edition was very pricey? Ever thought some of the Collector's Editions you own are huge? Let me tell you my friend.. you have seen nothing yet!

Was browsing through the CE forums this morning when I saw this article. At £125,000 the Grid 2: Mono Edition is the most expensive Collector's/Special Edition ever made. It will probably hold this title for quite a  while I suppose..

So what is in this edition that makes up the price?

For £125,000 this Mono Edition contains 
- A BAC Mono SuperCar in exclusive Grid 2 Livery (Holy smokes! A actual car!)
- A day at the BAC factory which includes a factory tour and time spent with technicians to customise the BAC Mono for size and specifications (Fully Customized!)
A Grid 2: Mono Edition branded Bell Racing helmet
Race suit, boots & gloves all made to measure in BAC Mono and GRID 2 branding
- A PS3 copy of the Grid 2 game (It is after all a VideoGame Collector's Edition, in case you forgot)
- A PS3 Console (Just in case, you decide to buy this Edition but you don't have a PS3 to play the game.. They got you covered..)

Oh and 1 more thing.. There is only 1 Edition of this..

Anyone fancy this? 

I'm not quite sure how much a SuperCar generally costs in the UK or cars in general.. but I can imagine that they aren't as costly as what they cost right here in Singapore..

Anyway.. coming back to the topic.. you can check out the full details on the Mono Edition here
If you do get this, I'd be glad to have you a do review of it on my blog... I'm serious!

For an Edition like this, naming it Mono Edition doesn't seem to appropriate.. They should have named it Grid 2: Real Fucking Car Edition!