Thursday 9 May 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Collectors' Edition Leaked??

Someone over at the CE forums might have spotted a leak of GTA V's Special Edition! and had a listing up for a GTA V Special Edition but was removed shortly after. From my experience, many of these leaks turn out to be true in the end.

So while not official or confirmed, these will be the contents included in the Special Edition..

Extra Outfits/Costumes
Physical World Map
Stunt Plane Challenges
Online Store Benefits
Exclusive Weapons
Exclusive Tattoos
Special Powers Booster

Up till now, Rockstar has never had a steelbook released so this might be the first. Apart from the Steelbook and a Physical World Map, the rest all seems to be digital content. Of course, there is also "Online Store Benefits" which I'm assuming is for their real-world store. That will come in handy if they sell some GTA V merchandise.

So if the leak is true, I'll be really disappointed. I mean yes, extra content is cool but almost every game out there gives out some form of DLC in their CEs, for pre-ordering etc. Nothing really to boast about. 

However, it does give some clue that some degree of customization will be featured in GTA V. Outfits, Weapons, Tattoos? Or maybe it's for the Multiplayer? Crews are definitely going to make a come-back in GTA V so these content might be for Multiplayer Character customization rather than for the trio of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. I'm betting on Multiplayer though but we can always dream... I know a lot of people loved the customization feature in GTA: San Andreas.

There are also Stunt Plane Challenges, which will be interesting, hopefully not too tough.

So there doesn't seem to be any physical content other than the Steelbook and the World Map (which has always been included in past GTA games so nothing special again). No statue, no replicas of in-game items is disappointment so I'm hoping that the leak was missing some info or at least maybe another CE that would be more fulfilling..

Stay tuned for more info!