Sunday 19 May 2013

Opening up the Package..

Remember that box I teased at the end of this post.. Managed to get some time to take pics over the past few days..

Before that, here's the teaser pic again..

So.. let's get to the actual items..

The 3 boxes stacked in the middle are the Grand Theft Auto Kubrick Sets.
Rockstar had a 15% sale on all their Kubrick sets recently and had stock on all three. Shipping directly to Singapore would have cost a bomb so a friend helped me buy and ship it over to me.

I wasn't a big fan of these figures before this. I would have preferred to have action figures or statues of the GTA characters. Of course 1/6 Scale Figures would have been the ideal fantasy. So these Lego-Styled figures were not really my thing. 

So why did I get them? It was probably the best deal I can ever get on these sets, especially the rarer San Andreas Set. Ebay prices for some of those have gone for extravagant prices. So at 15% off US$39.99, it was a now-or-never kinda thing for me. 

Not intending to open them up yet so here are some pics I got off the Rockstar Warehouse Site..

They do have a certain appeal to them. Funny-looking figures of the past-gen GTA characters brings back so many memories.. Officer Tenpenny, Salvatore Leone, Lance Vance and even Candi Suxx may not be the protagonists but were so vital to the crazy stories of the GTA games. 

They will never ease my desperation for 1/6 scale figures of the GTA series but these will do for now I guess..

Part of the Kubrick Sets promotion was a Rockstar Keychain for every purchase of a Kubrick set or something like that. So I managed to get 3..

Rockstar building their brand name with these wonderful little merchandise with their logos. The keychain itself is rather heavy.. so some good quality stuff here I must say.. They came with some stickers as well but I let my friend have it.
Under all that items, at the bottom of the box, was this Assassin's Creed Comic. 

Simple but cool artwork of Nikolai Orelov! This is actually one of the Variant covers for the #1 issue of the 3-part The Fall Comic series. Just thought it will be nice to have it. Still trying to get my hands on the Gamestop variant. The one above is the Target variant.

There is yet another pair of items that were in the box. Will post them up tomorrow as there are plenty of pics that I have taken of those..