Friday 24 May 2013

Full set of Infamous Cole Statue Variants!

After more than a year and a half searching high and low for these, I finally got them!

Once thought, it was virtually impossible to get these, I finally have them in my collection. These were mostly given out in a IGN competition and some of the Evil Cole ones in a Sucker Punch competition and I'm sure there aren't many of these around.

The Cole Statue (in the middle) is from the Hero Edition and I already had that when Infamous 2 came out. So, the Evil Cole (Left) and Good Cole (Right) statues are the new additions..

They look real awesome together.. Just some info for those who haven't played the Infamous games.. the appearance of the character, Cole, changes according to your decisions. Bad actions will change Cole's rating to Evil and vice versa for Good actions. Along with the appearance, you also get a different set of skills depending on which side of the fence you choose. So that's the reasoning behind the variant statues.

Some comparison pics to show the differences between the 3..


Hope you liked the pics..You can click on the pics to enlarge them. I'm very happy to finally have them and I have to say a huge thanks to my friend, Daniel from the CE forums who helped forward the Evil and Good Cole statues to me. Wouldn't have them without his help.

Just 1 more pic.. a "Face-Off" between the three..