Tuesday 14 May 2013

Got my very own Bioshock Zeppelin!

Managed to get one!

Been seeing this all over game stores in Singapore and even though I'm not a Bioshock fan (In fact I have never played the games), I thought this promo item was really really cool! So I consider myself really lucky to get one of these Bioshock Infinite Zeppelin,s as I don't see these for sale anywhere and they are supposedly only given to official retailers as a store promo for Bioshock Infinite.

Not sure how many of you I fooled here but it isn't floating. Snucked it nicely between the ceiling and the top of my display cabinet to give it a "floating" look. I should probably try to get some helium to make it really float.

Pretty cool, like I said, not really a Bioshock fan but really cool to own this Bioshock Zeppelin.