Sunday 5 May 2013

GTA V Trailers

You probably have seen the 3 GTA V character trailers by now.. If you haven't, WTF???!!!!

Anyway, you can view the trailers here. I'm just going to pretend that you are watching it again.

Michael's voice doesn't sound anything like I expected.. Initially, he seemed like a Ray Liotta kinda character but he sounds very young in this trailer..

Franklin reminds me a little of CJ but I guess it's the stereotypical black guy thing.. His trailer reminds me a lot of San Andreas coz a lot of the scenes seem to be set in the same environment as CJ's hometown. Same Grove Street Colours as well.

Trevor's character usually is a supporting character in past GTA games. Crazy guy who asks you to do crazy missions for you while talking whole lot of crap so will be fun playing him I guess..

 Of course with each of the character trailers, there is plenty of info hidden apart from the characters themselves. As a huge GTA fan and having watched the trailers over 10 times already, I have caught a lot of hidden info. But I'm not going to bore you with lots of text here, will share some links of IGN who have done a trailer breakdown of each character.

Hope you enjoyed the videos. Lots of info we probably wouldn't have realised.. Can't wait for September 17!