Monday 20 May 2013

The Last of Us Pre-Order Bonuses and Collectors Editions for Singapore Revealed!

Looks like Playstation Asia are getting on the bandwagon for pre-order bonuses. 

One of my biggest complaints as a gamer and collector in Singapore is that we hardly get any pre-order bonuses from local stores. Unlike retailers in United States, countries in Europe and Australia who hand out plenty of pre-order bonuses, local retailers don't have much to offer. Of course, the reasons why it isn't feasible to have such a policy in Singapore are plenty, some more valid than others.

Whatever the case, it's great to see Playstation Asia adding pre-order bonuses for their games, after the God of War promo they did a few months back. 

So what are they giving it out for pre-ordering The Last of Us?

A Limited Edition T-Shirt and an Umbrella!
Not sure what's on the back of the T-Shirt and I can't figure out what that thing on the umbrella is.. but still great to have something to show for pre-ordering.

The Umbrella will be given for all The Last of Us pre-orders at any Playstation Focus Shops. For the T-Shirt, you will need to place a pre-order on the Collectors Edition. Of course, while stocks last.

These are the 3 different editions available at local stores.

Steelbook Edition (SGD $69.90): Will come with a Steelbook as shown above and a Naughty Dog Interactive Sticker Sheet.

Special Edition (SGD $94.90): Comes with the Steelbook and Sticker Sheet like the Steelbook Edition. There's also a Mini Artbook, Mini Comic, Dualshock 3 Skin, Postcard Set, Sights and Sounds DLC pack and Joel and Ellie sackboy costumes for LittleBigPlanet.

The Collectors Edition is the big one but comes at a price. At SGD $219, you get an upgrade to a Full-Size Comic and a Full-Size Artbook. Steelbook, Dualshock 3 Skin, Postcard Set, Sights and Sounds DLC Pack and the LittleBigPlanet Costumes are all in there. 

There is also a Survival DLC pack exclusive to the Collectors Edition and the highlight... a 12 inch Premium Statue by Project Triforce. They make some really good quality statues so fans of the game will really want to pick this one up.

For the full details and a list of the Playstation Focus Shops that are giving out the Pre-Order bonuses, check out their official site here.

On another note, if you are interested in trying out The Last of Us before it's release, GameSpot Asia is hosting a special fan event on 28 May, 6pm -7.30pm right here in Singapore. All you have to do is register your details here. Attendees will also receive limited The Last of Us premiums

I registered and I'm hoping to be selected. If you are attending as well, do drop a comment below and hope we can catch up at the event!